We Take Care of the Future

Afrikonet Global deploys ICT infrastructure, O3B, LTE services and leveraging IoT into Renewable Energy, Supply Chain, e-Commerce, and Drones as a Service.


To increase access to Innovative Technology across Africa

Drone as a Service

We work with leading manufacturers that produce drones with cutting edge technology that make them easy to navigate to get things done. At Afrikonet, we provide a range of drone services, from aerial photography, survey and mapping, and security, agriculture, and delivery of essential items.


Afrikonet eCommerce is the leading platform and application in Sierra Leone that facilitates the buying and selling of products and services online. We empower small businesses with the opportunity to sell their products and services online, thereby reaching a greater audience to boost sales right at their fingertips


We offer state-of-the-arts ICT services, deployment robust and secure of IT infrastructure sure as VSats, Tetra Motorola VHF/UHF systems, 4G LTE voice and Data services, O3B, Air to water generator, Weather forecast station, FM Radio Station, TV Station, Cloud Services to name but a few.

Renewable Energy

Afrikonet Energy offers a wide range of reliable, cost effective and world class renewable energy solutions. Our long-term working relationships with leading manufacturing companies coupled with our team’s strong execution capabilities enables us to deliver optimum system design for maximum efficiency and durability.


At Afrikonet, we are dedicated to driving innovation and progress across Africa. With a strong commitment to the continent's growth, we offer a diverse range of services that empower businesses and industries to thrive in the digital age.

Empowering Your Online Business

Experience Seamless Buying and Selling with Afrikonet's Leading e-Commerce Platform.

Revolutionizing Industries

Enhance Efficiency and Precision with Afrikonet's Diverse Drone Services.

Transforming Possibilities

Strategize and Innovate with Afrikonet's Cutting-Edge ICT Solutions.

Powering Progress Sustainably

Harnessing Wind, Solar, and Innovation for Your Energy Needs.

  • I am thrilled with the results. Their expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional ICT service have made a significant difference in my business operations.
    Diana Peterson
  • Their professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to delivering top-quality service made a significant impact on our organization.
    Mark Alzone

Afrikonet invites you to join us on the frontlines of this transformative journey, where we are reshaping the way businesses operate, industries function, and the future unfolds.